Hi, im new and im from Argentina, i got some months reading the forum but today i felt it was the right moment to register and post some of my doubts. I have a Yamaha EG-112, i know it´s not a big deal, it has about 7 or 8 years now. I was wondering to customize it, but im kinda new in this. First of all all the pickups, the retail guitar has one hambucker and 2 single-coil. I play like NOFX, Bad Religion, etc. I want you to recommend me some good pickups, i saw this one "Invader SH-8", hambucker bridge, because my guitar has the hambucker on the bridge. What i dont know is if i only have to change the hambucker or change all (the hambucker and both single coil). I was also wondering if i could sort of mod the guitar in order to put two hambuckers, one on the bridge and the other on the neck, but i think that that requires some electronic modification also. if somebody could help me i will appreciate it. All sort of comments, help, possible mods, tutorials, etc. will be appreciated. Thanks!
You can only change one humbucker at a time, if you wish.

If your guitar is routed for a neck humbucker, yeah, just replace the single coil. Not much different than wiring a single coil anyway.

If it's only routed for HSS (not HSH), you'll need to do some routing or it won't fit.
You could also use a mini-humbucker. Seymour Duncan makes tons of 'em now, that's what I usually do. I made my Ibanez RG340 HSH (effectively) with a Cool Rails in the neck.
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