my dog wakes me up at 3 in the morning by throwing up and ****ting all over my room. (he was apparently sick) i clean it up, then i decide to take a nice hot shower and forget about the horror i just experienced, only to find that the water heater went to ****. so no hot water. ****. so i wash my hair in the sink and eventually go to school. i get back and find that my cat broke his leg somehow. i blame the dog. take him to the vet, get back home and find the dog ate all the cat food. the dog is nowhere to be found. i dont care. my mom gets back from work and yells at me because grandma forgot to hang up the phone. then she reminds me of all the ****ing homework i havent done yet. right then, like a scene in a bad movie, the dog walks in, soaked in water and mud for some reason, and takes a **** on the floor. i clean it up and get yelled at some more for letting the dog eat all the cat food.


anybody else here have these kind of days? or is it just me
Don't worry about it, never take life seriously. Nobody gets out alive anyway.
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How would you feel if your computer shut off half way in making this thread? Would be mad? Would you be sad? Well

But seriously though forget about today and everything will get better don't worry
your dog sucks
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Damn, I'd cry if my cat broke her leg.

Go to the hugging thread, I guarentee (wat) you'll get better responses there.
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At least you weren't woken up at 2 in the morning. Now that would've REALLY sucked.
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haha i got banned from the chris broderick forum for asking if he had a curved penis.

thank you for cheering me up!
Man theres a lot worse that can happen.
Life's about turning things around for the better.
your never given something you cant handle
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TS do you have the flu and have been unable to sleep for 3 days straight and cba to even think of proper grammar use?

No, you don't, so win.

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thank you for cheering me up!

haha anytime... even if it means getting banned from there for life =P
I don`t think TS is saying oh life sucks why bother wah wah..

he is just saying how screwed his day was lighten up on him.
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I don`t think TS is saying oh life sucks why bother wah wah..

he is just saying how screwed his day was lighten up on him.

No one said anything negative to him except for Ichikurosaki xD
Damn, dude.
Don't worry about it - tomorrow will be better.
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well this thread could get closed
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