It's like I'm never going to get ahold of myself,
like diving to the bottom of a bottomless well
of my obsession, learn another way around
an hour later end up back on solid ground

Looks like I'm never going to get over myself
It's just a question of how long will it sell,
not a question more a comment to the wind
and when demand goes down I'll be out of it again

It's not like I'll never get ahold of myself
but who the hell am I to tell
it's like a life lived through a script or book
any lover, any loner could see the hook.
Very good, very solid piece.

but who the hell am I to tell
was far too short, too simple. I do like that hell/tell rhyme though.

could see the hook
was anticlimatic for me, you clearly have so much to say, yet you end with what seems to be just a forced rhyme?