Why do you do this ****
Its killing me
From inside out

Every single ****ing day
I used to hope and pray
And say that it’ll be fine

Every single day
Giving in to help you
But it doesn’t matter anymore
It never ****ing did

Why even try to escape?
I feel like a ****ing ape
I kick and scream
For me to have my dream

Can’t get you outa my head
‘cuz you’re laying in my bed
What’s with you people
And all the **** you bring

Every ****ing day
And all the things you say
I tried to stay and pray
But I’m nothing now

Tear me from the inside out
So you can get the **** out
Every single ****ing day
And all the games you play

I never matter
and never ****in did
Don’t know what to do or say
I’m ****ing useless

I have nothing to say
Can’t even face the day
I guess it’s the price I pay
For helping you
when you use so many curse words over and over again, it tends to give them less power.
Banging on a trash can
Drumming on a street light
I agree..... swear less and only put the word in where it will make the most impact... also... this reads like a suicide note.
The rhymes were dull, and dreary, not helped by the overuse of curses.

The more you use them, the less power they have, and generally pieces with swears used more than twice are pretty bad. This is coherent to the pattern.

Profanity should be used for shock value, for effect, not as a synonym for something angry, or hateful. One can get so much more emotion and feeling from a piece that uses beautiful imagery and witty metaphors than one which uses swears.