Im using an Engl e530 preamp.

I found a Peavey Classic 120 tube power amp for $200

It is a little beat up..

And I need something reliable for touring.

Should I grab this power amp? or should I wait and get something newer?

(Ive heard a lot of good things about the Peavey Classics with the Engl preamp. I just want to know if I should take this or wait)

All advice would be great! Thanks!
I'd buy it for that price if it still works. Although I'd still buy something else to go with that engl in the long run. But I'd use it for now. Nothing sounds better than a mesa power amp to me 2:100. Not a huge fan of the preamps.
Uperend Peavey amps are tough as nails, the classic series is no exception. For that kind of money you really cant go wrong, and if you ever want to upgrade you could get your money back with ease.
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Buy it, for 200 bucks you really can't go wrong.
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just picked it up. Seems to be working fine.

It sounds really great with the Engl preamp and it has tons of balls. The two seem to work together well. I gotta spend more time dialing in tone though.
My band will hopefully being using it to record something today.

If we end up not using it I will record something for this board....stay tuned.