a few weeks ago in the morning my cat came inside dragging her left back leg, got taken to the vet, she broke it. The vet said this type of break would be from falling off a roof or some sort of high place. So shes free falling off the house? And just yesterday she came in with her behind soaked in oil. it wasn't from the garage so she had to go out somewhere jumping around fences with a broken leg and sit in it!

who knows what she'll do next. she's been 'normal' for all her life except for the last month, can cats get mental problems like humans??
Man maybe your cat is one of them ''Oil Finding cats'' put a tracer on your cat and se where it goes you might end up rich!!!
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Yes, cat's and other animals can have or develop mental problems and chemical imbalances in the brain, but I'd doubt that's why your cat is recently getting into trouble.
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Maybe somone is assulting your cat, seriously, you should set up serveylence.
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my cat had a trouble period...for awhile he was coming home with scratches and shiz...claw marks...sometimes he wouldnt come home for a week and I would miss him.

Sounds worrying. Wish I could help but I dunno what to tell you. Take it to the vet to get checked out maybe?
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