first off, thanks for taking an interest!

so i have had this guitar about 5 years and it has served me very well with stock hardware and apart from changing the strings, action and lowering the humbuckers into the body, everything is still as it is when it came out of the box. i have had a look inside the back bit out of curiousity but no changes were made.

now, as i am a bit more gutsy with the thing in general, i would like to play around with it. the questions are:

what can i do to the electronics to change my sound? soldering is something i am going to have to learn to do eventually so any pots/caps changes people can recommend, or any p'ups that are known to work well with the body?

the SG comes with 490T bridge and 490R neck p'ups which are good but sometimes tend to be a bit muddy (could be a number of things contributing to that though, like my ****e amp).
i am looking to refurbish the guitar in one fell swoop so ideally a scratch-plate change, re-wiring EVERYTHING (eventually) to make sure it is in the best possible nick, and as i said, changing the electronic circuitry to better the tone is on the list also.

anything you could help me with would be much appreciated. the SG is not well covered on the 'net so i hope this is helpful for more people than just myself....

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first, im no pickup expert so i'll start with everything else

For the electronics, if you like to be creative, get push pull pots for each pickup for coil split, and maybe even push pull pots for on/off.
You can also add onboard effects, either by buying the guitar fetish mod board things or getting a pedal and taking the guts out of it and solder the output jack wires to the guitar output jack and then the input jack wires get soldered to the wires that came from the guitar input/ output jack originally
You can also put a sustainer in there, buy new better quality hardware etc (although i think the hardwares pretty good on those guitars...
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woah opened up a can of worms there!

thank you so much for giving my train of thought some direction though. i did a bit of reading and decided that i was going to coil split each of the humbuckers (even if i change the stock ones) using push pull pots on the "tone" knobs.
hen read that i can use more push pull pots to both phase the pickups and put them in serial to get a massive tone, so i could do this on the "volume" knobs.

then i read that this wiring was pioneered by Jimmy Page and is pretty much his trademark.

great minds think alike :P

thanks again
Quote by andy243

hen read that i can use more push pull pots to both phase the pickups and put them in serial to get a massive tone, so i could do this on the "volume" knobs.

do you mean series?
And is it good to open up a can of worms?
Just an idea, Andy: look into the Seymour Duncan P-rails, they may have a bit of diversity that you'd probably like

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yeah, i did mean in "series" sorry about that, i was super excited about what possibilities i had found!


yeah the P-rails are a very interesting little number, but im not too keen on the idea of a 'bucker, P90 and singlecoil in one. it might turn out to be a case of "do all things but none of them well" of which i have encountered a fair bit in the guitar world.

cough *Line 6*

also, patent pending doesn't inspire confidence. i think the idea they are getting at is a complete and absolute swap between the 3 pickup models...
from what i understood about Jimmy Page wiring is that it is not an absolute humbucker or single coil choice - by turning the knob you can move between the two. this is what really appealed to me as it makes tonal variation a lot more broad.

i might be horribly wrong though.....
as for the prails: check the youtube clip of them, they're not that bad...

and the Paige wiring: I'm pretty sure he just had the push/pull pot, but he may have had the blend that combined them, I'm not too sure.

either way, hope this all turns out well