I was think of getting an ibanez bass and its cool and cheap but the problem my friends says they r so bad so can u please help if anyone has try it or have it till me if they r good or bad.
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I was think of getting an ibanez bass and its cool and cheap but the problem my friends says they r so bad so can u please help if anyone has try it or have it till me if they r good or bad.

....which one?
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but really Ibanez makes pretty solid basses. you can't really go wrong with one even if you are looking at a lower end Ibanez. they are great basses all around. if your looking at getting one get it.

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My first bass is an Ibanez, it was the package one, i have played around wioth a few others, and i still love ibanez bass's the most from packages to the BTB series, tio artcore series, i fin them a wonderful bass to play, even with only three control knobs, it sounds good when i play around for tonal qualitys, i would reccomend any ibanez bass's
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For the price, Ibanez makes great basses. At the verge of sounding like a fangirl, I really love my Ibanez SR800 and its a highly versatile instrument. The quality is rather consistent across the board from the low end to the higher end models.
Ibanez basses are great. I've always likes there necks and tone. My biggest gripe with them though, it there looks. I've liked the looks of very few Ibanez basses. The ATK, JTK and that wierd one they made for a couple of months a few years back are the only ones I really like the looks on.
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Well i am primarily a guitarist, but i do play bass some. I have an Ibanez SR300, It suits me just fine. I dont think there is a better bass for the price. I did alot of research before i bought this one. And it looks and feels amazing. I have the SR300 in the roadster orange. It looks awesome. I love the thin sleek body on it.
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Ibanez Soundgear are solid. Great woods, great fit and finish, usually great pickups and great necks...just about nothing wrong witht them at all!

oh my god, the Soundgear 600 series... I think that's what they were. It's what the guy from Korn played a while back. Those were my favorite basses for a while. I was saving up to get one of those at one point in Highschool. They sound so awesome and play so good. Gotta agree on the soundgears.
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Ibanez basses are great sounding, well built and good value. Ignore your mates.
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I'm more than slightly partial to Ibanez basses.

And how.

I prefer Ibanezes even to Fenders. There is just something undeniably solid and perfect about them. And a professional bassist probably wouldn't complain too much about jamming on a lower end Soundgear because of how well they're made.

And I happen to love the way that Soundgears and Ergodynes look, athankyouverymuch Thomme.
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Ibanez usually means you are getting a solid bass with great tone and versatility and a comfortable feel. the only Ibanez I ever disliked was an ATK with a badly warped neck, and I've played a lot of Ibanez basses. the Ergodyne is probably the cheapest wenge neck (even if it's part bubinga) you can get, but it has very great quality. the GSR200 is easily the greatest starter bass ever, the SR650 poplar burl special edition is one of the greatest basses ever made.

if you can't tell, I like Ibanez. and I play blues and rock primarily, some posters here have been known to play metal, I believe Tam/Anarkee does jazz, so you should be expecting some versatility here.

your friends are probably under the assumption that Ibanez is for metal, which is true, but it does way more. Ibanez makes a bass for every player.
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At the risk of adding nothing that has not been said, the Ibanezs(?) tht i ahve played seemed very good. I personally don't like them, they somehow don't fit my hand. Maybe it's me. But try one or two, if you like it, good. If not, there are other basses.
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