Doesn't sound too bad.Good guitar sound.As you say the mix needs a lot of work and you seem to be struggling to to find some notes to play here and there and the timing is a bit off here and there but that's just a matter of practice.
For mixing always try and use as much of the Stereo field as you can.Most heavy tracks you hear will have the rhythm guitars/s doubled up and panned hard left and right.This allows the places in the mix for the other instruments.


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The solo got rather.. tedious.

I'd try adding more variety with note lengths as they were kinda all the same and it never stopped or paused.. If that makes sense

Also, nice tone, fancy PM'ing me the settings? >_>
Thanks for your feedback, I really appreciate it. I'm not a solo guitarist by no means but I just fancied a crack.

So this is a tone that I made with Gearbox and I really love it:

Amp: Line 6 Spinal Puppet
Cab: 4 x 12 1967 Green 20s
Drive: 60%
Bass: 57%
Middle: 21%
Treble: 82%
Presence: 100%
Volume: 61%
Gate: -62 and 2%
Screamer: 77% 79% and 32%
EQ: Gains: 0, 3.4, 2.4, and 0
Freq: 100, 430, 2.5 and 3
Verb: Canvernous 0, 17, 50, 52.