So I've got a UX2 and loving it but i'm finding it hard to master the drums with Ableton Live.

I can make beats but can anyone tell me how I can ensure a beat starts on a certain frame and ends on a certain frame. E.g. start on frame 6 after a guitar intro and then end on frame 40 when another beat would start on frame 40 and end on 60 etc...

Thanks in advance.
drag the drum loop into the arangement view, put it on the drum track and set it up to begin/end where you want.
Like this:

have you done all the tutorials? this stuff is well covered in the first set of lessons.
I tried the tutorials but I can't be bothered with them - if you have learnt this from them then perhaps i'll give them a go when I get a chance. Thanks for your help.
tutorials= win


im pretty sure all this is explained in the first 3 lessons.

What version are you using?
i used to use this program a lot but kinda got out of it. Ableton 7 is just ****ing awesome, even just for the Drum Racks.