I've put some new pickups in one of my guitars, and need to adjust the height, I was just wondering if there is a standard distance between the top of the pick up to string to aim for when adjusting, or if it's just trial and error

So, if there is a standard distance, what is that distance between pick up and string?

And these pickups have screws on, do I measure from the top of the screw, or the top of the pick up case?

thanks in advance for any help
guitarists just adjust the pickup to there liking. Closer to the strings = more bass and output, further away = more treble and less output. Personally i have mine as close to the strings as possible
Well, generally it's measured when you've fretted the highest note (24th?) on your guitar. From there, I believe the recommended distance is something like 3/8" from the string to the pickup casing. Many people like to adjust to their own likings outside of this, but that's probably a good place to start.

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hope the pickup height advice helps, Dave!