No, I'm not, but I would like a tab. I looked on the site and there was one, fairly accurate but short and inefficient, 2 star rated tab, and a 5star guitar pro tab - http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/tabs/s/steve_vai/im_the_hell_outta_here_guitar_pro.htm I do not have guitar pro, but would anyone be able to send me an ASCII version?
I don't see this as being illegal, by the way, as I am not illegally using guitar pro or anything like that, someone just happened to tab it in guitar pro, and that's a format/way of viewing it I can not access, so if someone could send me an ASCII version that'd be great...
Or powertab me one either way.
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umm thats easily solved! if you find tuxguitar, which is an open source (free) program, it can open guitar pro and power tab files...because it rules

so just google that for a quick fix...plus u can get more gp tabs as well
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