Our band have a problem
We are half established in the area we live in
But we have a female singer, which is limiting the amount of covers we can do
Do we make are own stuff or just play covers with her voice instead of the original voice

I would appreciate people to reply quickly
well for my cover band we have a female singer, we play muse, foo fighters, old 70-80 songs, birds of tokyo and many others only a few actually have a female singer

there is no drama unless ur singer cant sing in a low octave, if thats the case shift it a key or ditch the song

but yeah there no reason why u cant work on originals either
Just play everything you want. You can write your own songs, but you also can play covers... Its nothing bad about singing male songs with a female voice, at least if its done well...
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Solution: DONT DO COVERS, write your own stuff

This, and
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how are you an established band if you don't write your own ****?

I play/ed in a band with a female singer. You'll find it much easier if you just write your own songs, but dont feel you have to get rid of covers completely.
We covered different genres and it still worked so do whatever!
Every band's situation is different. A solution to your band's problem is to have a male in the band sing songs that she cannot. Having both vocal styles and ranges will give your band the advantage over other bands in the area because you should be able to cover almost anything.

The best solution would be to cut the covers and write originals if you can. You want to be known as an original band that plays a cover song or 2. And only play the cover songs that you do best. A cover band normally plays a lot a filler songs that sucked back then and suck now. Don't do that. Even though you might play them with your own unique style, it is still a cover song. Find an original sound using her voice.

But there is such a thing as a successful cover band. It is on a much lower scale than national touring acts with music videos and radio play. There is a market out there for cover bands and it can be a lot of fun. That is undeniable. Of course, you will never make the big bucks or reach a larger audience unless you write original music.
Depends on how serious you guys are. In the past I've been in bands where we get in too much of a hurry to write our own stuff and the band was no longer fun. However, if you play covers for too long you will be nothing but a cover band...and not be taken seriously by anybody. They way I always try to do it in my past bands, is to start out doing all covers to make sure that the chemistry is there and the lineup is right, then slowly start encouraging the members to write their own riffs, lyrics, etc. I guess the best advice I could give you would be to not rush the original stuff, it will come when you guys are ready. If you push it too hard you could lose your band.
Thanks a lot you guys. I think we are ready to write our original stuff. Our members are starting to write riffs by themselves.
Again Cheers
If you are doing covers, cover anythiny you like, and adjust the song for your singer if it doesn't suit her range. I think songs noramlly sung by men could be very interesting if rewritten and sung by a woman.