i'm in marketing class right mow and we have to write an essay on why music industry executives are against illegal music downloading

any ideas of why?
[if you do], do you pay for it? Didn't think so. From what I've read, I guess it's basically b.c. then the record companies don't get money like they would from ordinary music sales.

Music industry executives are against illegal music downloading because just think about it. If everyone in the whole world downloaded an album from a band that they liked, just think of how much money would be lost from the music industry. When you download illegaly your taking away from the profit an album or song has.
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Record executives have sooo much talent they should be able to accumulate as much money as possible. God bless 'em. All those years studying business administration shouldn't wasted! Musicians are a dime a dozen, a couple thousand standing in cue right now in every city in the world, ready to go. What else are they gonna do? Like a get a Job...
Because you're not giving any money in exchange for a product that was very expensive to make?

Not just to the artist, but everyone involved in the process?
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