My friend owns a HP Peavey Signature EXP Electric Guitar, and for school (Inventions class I think) she has to have eight people fill out a survey about it. Would anyone like to? Here's what the survey says:

Hey, I'm Sadie. I am interested in having you test out a HP Peavey Signature EXP Electric Guitar. I will need o ask you a few questions afterwards.

1.)What do you think needs improving about the guitar?
2.) What would you change about the guitar?
3.) How easy to play do you think the instument it?
4.) Do you think it could be easier to tune?
5.) How could it be improved in order to slide and bend better?
6.) How responsive do you think the pickups are? Could they be better?
7.) How bad is the feedback with the amp.?*
8.) Do the strap locks hold the guitar strap well?
9.) Do you think the input jack could be improved? How?
10.) What so you think about the guitar's neck and hardwre? How would you make it better?
let her send me one of them guitars

i'll try it :P
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