I'm looking to pick up some books to study over the holiday break and just want to know what your must have books would be (for instruction).
Mick Goodricks The Advancing Guitarist. An awesome book which you will continue to draw information from for years....seriously awesome. Also for thoery check that link that soccer6 posted.
I'm not exactly in need of a theory book unless there's a good one that will give a unique look at theory the way my books from about 4-5 colleges don't look at it.

Here's the ones I'm already looking at so if any of you have them you can tell me how they are or just give more ideas of books every musician should have:

Building a Jazz Vocabulary by Mark Steinel
Charlie Parker Omni Book
Monster Chops by Jack Grassel
Barry Galbraith Jazz Guitar Study Series
Well definetely get the advancing guitarist by mick goodrick. It has some theory in it but its not a theory book and its certainly not average college texts. Its more about getting you to think about the guitar in different ways and alternative ideas etc. Its a very respected book and probably the best I own.
That was actually one I was looking into a while ago. It looks pretty good so that one will probably be on my list.
Yeah its really good. Its not a book you read from cover to cover and think 'OK good book'. If you are anything like me(and anyone else I know who has read it) you tend to constantly go back to it and read certain parts.