So I found an epiphone les paul standard for sale.

Its pretty sweet.

anyways. On this guitar the piece that covers the truss rod says "GIBSON".

but on other epiphone les paul standards that i have seen it has printed on the piece that covers the truss rod "Les Paul STANDARD".

so can anyone tell me what the difference is?

is one better quality than the other, or is it just a year to year difference thing?

also what would you pay for a used epi. Les paul standaard with a hard shell case?

You can buy different truss rod covers and change them yourself, I've seen alot of guitars like that. As for the price, I'd pay about £350.
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old epis used to ship with GIBSON on the the truss, back in the day.
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so what should i offer this dude.

It's in good condition with a hard shell case and a guitar stand.

play it first make sure it aint crap.
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Like stated earlier. The older epis say gibson on the truss rod cover. I had one of them about 15 years ago. And the binding on the neck cracked all the way up and down it and started to come off. So watch for that. Look at the binding really good before you buy it.
Yeah, if it's got 'Gibson' on the truss rod cover then it's most likely one of the earlier Korean-made models.
The upside of this is the Korean-made Epis were built with a little more care and had better quality control than the new Chinese ones. The downside is the older Korean ones were made with inferior materials.
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