I want to teach guitar as a saturday job, obviously not for loadsa money but a bit. The thing I was wondering about is how do I write an ad which makes people want to have me as a teacher? If you saw '16 yr old guitar teacher' on an ad you wouldn't exactly spring to the idea

I wanted to take grade 8 first so I had some sort of proof I was a decent teacher (got my certificate today, merit ), but other than that I can't imagine what to put on it so that people don't just turn away instantly.

These are the basic things that I want to/need to put on the ad

- 16 yr old guitarist
-grade 8
-teaching for beginner/intermediate
-cheap lessons (again, what sort of price should I be doing. I'm english btw, so if you're american just give what price in dollars you would expect and I'll do all the conversion later)
-saturday mornings, tuesday or thursday afternoons

Any help would be greatly appreciated, as I wanna start doing this as soon as I can, I'm running out of money
i would join the musicians union before doing anything else, i believe they try to get all their members who are teaching about £23 per hour.
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i would never take lessons from a boy who is 16-20years old
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Most music lessons in my area are about £15/half hour, so if you do a £10 for an hour, you'll be quite popular!

Why specidy that you're 16 though?
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Don't put self taught up there, it sounds unprofessional, regardless of how good you are.

It's about putting a positive spin on things. You're not inexperienced, you're 'youthful and energetic'.

Emphasise the cheap teaching for beginners, as that is where you will attract business.
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If you live in Australia, save your internet:

Somehow make the point that you can make more of a connection to younger people than some old guy since you are young. Advertise more toward the younger kids. I'm nearly 20 and I would not want lessons from a 16-year-old.

I would expect maybe 10-15 USD per lesson?
The reason I'm putting the 16 yrs old in is otherwise people might turn up at the door, see me and **** off lol

Yeah I was only aiming to teach like 5 yr olds who can barely play so no-one complains about the age
so if i did £7 for half hour and £12 for an hour, does that seem reasonable enough, or too high?