i'm not a hater at all.
at least, on some level, even if i don't like a particular band, i can appreciate their musicianship and general vibe. i mean, it has to take some degree of effort to come up with a melody, no matter how simple it is, and move that through all the necessary stages to make it a song. along with that is dealing with record companies, shooting a video.... blah blah blah.

so, this begs the question... who the **** let some piss-poor french canadian pop punk band CONVINCE themselves that, having written a tune or two, it would be a smart career move to venture forth into the dog-eat-dog world of the commercial music industry, so that 10 years later (today), we can all be reminded (over what could well be the same weak chord progression in EVERY SONG) that Pierre Bouvier (such a pretentious name) is so much better and/or different than/from the rest of society.

Its like most bands mature through stages. We are in love with them at different points or throughout the entire process.
Simple Plan however have not changed a bit. Seriously, listen to their first and most recent singles. They seem to be stuck in the warped mind of a 14 year old pre-pubescent girl. Who knows, maybe this is their target audience and they are actually making a killing....

Nevertheless I don't think, with all the technical and musical advances over the last decade, that it is reasonable to continue producing such substandard music, so far from mediocre, that it leads people like me to overtly complain.

And in case you are wondering, I liked them ONCE, their first single, and that was mainly because Elisa Dushku was in the vid. And I am complaining because they crop up on MTV2 nowadays when I am trying to watch good music.....

Does anyone else agree? I feel like I am at my wit's end with this band.
While I agree profusely with your post, flaming a band is uh.... Not for these forums.

Sorry buddeh.

oops. genuine apology then. (sorry)

the top of the forum said "Discuss everything about the bands and songs you love and hate" so i thought it would be ok to discuss why i don't like them (because they have not matured) and take up good tv time.

surely, if i were purely flaming i would have just started a new thread with something like
"Simple Plan suck major balls"

But instead I justified my opinion..... where's the line drawn?
i hope you have nothing on french canadians ... but hey yes they are not good at all.... theres crap coming from quebec but theres good bands too you know! like quo vadis, voivod...
Is this thread necessary? No, I didn't think so.
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