Hey, I recently started to consider the option of modding my old guitar with pickups and maybe some other things. I just have a few questions that would be nice to straighten out first though.
Well this guitar i've had for a long time and its an Austin Vintage Rock Custom, its kinda like a les paul knock off. It looks and feels really nice. heres a link: http://www.mbgmusicsupply.com/auviroqucu.html
it has a bound neck and is has a quilted tobacco sunburst finish. the neck pickup is pretty nice, really think and warm. i used it alot when i was in school for jazz band. the bridge though is not as good, its weak and thin and its hard to get good harmonics out of it unlike the neck pu.

So a year ago i purchased a new guitar. Its a used squire showmaster with 24 frets, floyd rose, and dual humbuckers. ive been playing that ever since. the pickups are hotter and alot fuller sounding but its almost to dull and unclear. Its very mellow sounding.

Ive kinda ingnored my austin since then, but i recently got a peavey jsx head and loving it. Ive been messing around with the tone knobs alot though searching for good tones. Then i got the idea to plug my austin in it and it sounds really good, almost better than i remember. i think the new amp really brings out good tones in it. It really does have a vintage crunch to it that sounds beautiful. a lot better than my squire.

so if i decide to start using my austin more, i would like to get it to not sound as weak in the bridge. whenever i switch the toggle switch, theres a large volume difference that is a little too noticable. i tried messing with the volume and tone knobs for each but they are not the best grade and take away from the nice tone it has.

does anyone have any suggestions? should i replace one pick up or maybe even both? new volume and tone pots? any pedals that might fix this? or should i just look for a new but similar guitar. I know I've had my eyes on the ibanez s series, they feel and play great but i dont know how their tone compares.

any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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Change the pick ups to something better, or try a volume pedal?
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You turning down your volume pot is immediately taking away a lot of your highs and presence. If you were to get your hands on a .001 MF capacitor and solder it to the first and second lugs of your volume pot, you would have the same balance and sound at any volume. Its called a Treble Bypass Filter. They only cost about 25 cents.

If you have more cash to burn, then new pickups all the way.
Checkout this site,


Although primarily for Strat/Tele type guitars as some great general info.Reducing hum from any guitar by correct shielding will allow more frequencies through from the PUPS.

I have a Seymour Duncan PUP on one of my guitars and they are as good as their asking price IMHO but there are quite a few good makes as others have posted.

Correct height setting of the PUPS as well affects tonality as does action.

i might look into some of those suggestions, but what i was really looking for was a way to get the brige pup stronger, not turn the volume down on the neck pup.

edit: oh, and if it helps, there are two volume knobs, one for each pickup.
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