The LTD looks so much better, but you shouldn't base your purchase on looks alone, try and play them both and then decide.
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ESP are not bad at all. Actually, i prefer them to wizard necks. Wizard necks felt too thin. This is coming from a guy who one owned an RG1570 and replaced it for an EC-1000.

It also depends on whether you need a tremolo system on your guitar as they really are a pain in the ass to set-up and tune. Snapping a string could throw your whole guitar out of tune.

The best thing to do is to try them if you can. If I were you, I would find myself an M series guitar with a fixed bridge. alas, I am left-handed.
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if possible play them both and pick whichever one feels most comfortable and suits your playing style/needs i personally would go for the ESP
the binding on the mh-1000 neck looks atrocious.
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