I'm a rock/metal/prog-death player but i have always appreciated the sheer skill it takes to play jazz. I want to learn how to play some jazz to broaden my horizons from just being a metal guy but I don't know any good jazz players by name to learn their songs.
Could anyone reading this drop some good jazz guitarists names or the guitarist's band's names so I can start learning this wonderfully complicated style of music? Another thing, I've been playing guitar for 6 years now and bass for 4 as well so skill isn't an issue with me so don't be afraid to put up anything that might be a challenge. I'm up for it.
Wes Montgomery, Joe Pass, Pat Methany. Those are guitar players, but Id listen to Miles Davis and John Coltrane too. Also, the Weather Report is good. Jaco Pastorius is their bass player and would be well worth learning from.