is anyone willing to make a custom guitar i will pay, just let me know how much
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if money is no issue talk to ormsby he has some of the nicest work ive seen.
dude, PM nuthinbuttrubl8, Ormsby, LPaddict, I think even Otter would do it if you asked nicely.
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I'd caution against spending hella the cash on an axe if you've only been playing two years. What specs do you want that you can't find on a production guitar?
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or use that money to buy nice tools. then make a real simple design to get the hang of it. and then make exactly what you want.
^ what he said
R.I.P. Les Paul, 1915-2009

A man chooses, a slave obeys.
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dude, check out RAN guitars. awesome custom work, most people don't have the experience and knowledge let alone the materials to build a guitar from scratch i would say you have to go to a professional custom shop.

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Ormsby(Australia), jscustomguitars(UK), or LP Addict(US). If you have a huge amount of money to drop on it I'd go with Ormsby. If not, go with whoevers closest(shipping and customs from out of country will rape you).
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Although LP Addict is the cheapest (i think)

Yeah I'm willing pm me if your interested and I'll give you a price.