I didn't see a thread for this band yet, so I decided to make one.

Are you a fan?

What's your favorite YYY song?

My fav song is probably Rich and Isis.
Ive only ever heard maps, or is it maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaps?
I only really like Maps and Gold Lion. Everything else is kind of over-the-top indie with her vocals. I suppose some people like them, but personally I find them really try-hard *shrug*
I love the riff in Date With A Night though.

a song song song bout how to sing
a song song song about everything
Show Your Bones is my favorite YYY albums. but Modern Romance is my favorite song.
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Out of the CDs I've heard, for me it goes Fever to Tell - Is Is - Show Your Bones. Not that SYB isn't a great album (which it is).
I really like Show Your Bones..my favorite song off of it would probably be Phenomena or Gold Lion. I've heard Date With the Night and Y Control too and I like them as well.

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everythung off Fever To Tell.
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I've only ever heard their singles like gold lion and mystery girl mostly out of laziness to actually go out and buy their cd, but their guitar player is rad
Liked the EP (first one) and the first album (though not as much as the EP), found everything after not quite as good.

Art Star is probably my favourite.
I liked Fever to Tell and Show Your Bones, but I haven't heard the first record (the EP). Isis was pretty good too.