I don't know a great deal about acoustic/electro-acoustic guitars, so I've got a couple of questions. I went to a shop the other day and bought an electro-acoustic (I can't use it until Christmas).

a) Do electro-acoustics work on valve amps? Ie they won't screw them up or anything?

b) Do electro-acoustics sound any good on valve amps or solid state amps, or do you really need an acoustic amp?
a. They will indeed work on any type of amp, including valve. You can even use it on a bass amp if you want, but just be careful not to crank it like I did. I ended up with a broken bass amp. It still works, but it buzzes like crazy when I play my bass louder on it.

b. They'll sound fine when the channel is clean on a valve. Once you push it, you get the overdrive and that makes the sound undesirable for most people. You buy an acoustic guitar to get an acoustic tone, right? Acoustic amps are pretty much just solid state amps, so running it through a SS is just fine.
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well my solid state tends to sound overly...belly (as in bells not tummy)
and it kind of annoys my ears, i'm not sure if that happens cuz of my electronics
or if an acoustic amp would help, but i'm sure it would.
were you planning on using any kind of overdirice or distortion?

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