Right, so here's the story.

I know someone selling a Squier P-bass, my guess is it's just an affinity, but I don't know yet. I've only heard over myspace that she's selling it, and apparently it's in good condition.

I'd be modding this to however big an extent, and I was wondering whether the wood used is any good (Alder) for basses, or it'd be wise not wasting my money and just making my own later.

Also, if anyone does think it's a good idea, ideas for mods are very welcome.
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Quote by Invader Jim
Go for it.

If it IS an Affinity, it's gonna be some sort of alder laminite, iirc, like the Fender MIAs.

Psh, forgot my Jazz was Alder, kept thinking it was ash for some reason!

I'm a Fire, and I'll Burn.Burn.Burn.
I really like those Squire Jazz basses. They're not half bad. Some new pickups and electronics and you've just about got yourself a good guitar. My only complaints would be about the fretwork and the bridge, but a baddass drop-in bridge has the latter solved, and a fret dress is easy enough to come by.
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