So my schools amp (150w GK backline 15 15 inch speaker combo, the really small gk) is distorting. We use it in a basically all jazz setting, amd we almost exclusively use an upright bass on it.

Its distorting. But not like pedal distortion, or amp turned up too high distortion. Like, the signals breaking up in route to the speaker distortion.

Tried two patch cords and had the same problem, will be trying a third tomorrow.

Going to try the bass on a different amp, and the amp on a different bass to trouble shoot and find out what the problem is.

In your experience, what is it most likely to be?
Hasn't happened to me but sounds like loose wires somewhere. My guess would be the amp.
The GK Backline seris have a bad reputation. The first thing that breaks on a backline would be the speaker. So it wouldn't surprise me if it were the speaker.
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The bass SHOULD cover the bottom end at the very least.

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If the amp has an input level control, turn that down. Might also be called gain.

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This was happening when I was testing gear at work yesterday. It turned out that the cable was bad.

Other than the cable it seems like an amp problem to me.
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