I'd like a nice tube amp but I'm not sure which one.

- Used is not an option.
- I'll be playing music like Radiohead and RHCP.
- I have a Squier CV Tele.
- I'm currently playing through an old Marshall Lead 12 (12 watt solid state combo from the 80s - early 90s) It doesn't sound too bad at low volumes but when turned up it sounds awful.
- I'm not in a band and I won't be gigging but I'd like to at least be heard over a drumset.
- I'll be using pedals so I'd like it to take pedals well and a good amount of bedroom level clean headroom.

This is what I'm looking at

Vox AC15CC1 for $506 15 watts, bigger speaker, more features

Orange AD5 for $489 a very nice 5 watts, I'm just worried it won't be loud enough or have enough clean headroom
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both amps are very good choices, i think the orange will hold a little more gain, but either would be suitable
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The orange only has a volume and tone control.

So it will be VERY loud as it as no pre-amp controls.

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5 watts is for recording or practicing! Even 15w is a little on the light side if you play live in a band. For the money you're quoting you can get a Traynor all tube amp in the 50W range. For a little more a Fender 40W all tube.
BTW. I really like the re-issue Orange (model Name ??).
Moving on.....
The most I would be doing with this is a bass/guitar jam or jamming with a drummer. Anything more than 15 watts would be way too much.
I know what you mean but that's a lot of dough for an amp you can't do anything else with!
Moving on.....
I'm in nearly the exact same situation with same needs etc. I've read up about a few amps, including the Vox AC15 and people say it's great for classic rock. It's not very gainy, and has some reliability issues (fixable I believe) but it's a nice sounding amp.

The one I'm trying to get though is the Orange Tiny Terror combo. 15W switchable down to 7W for practice, but it should have enough balls for a jamming situation. It doesn't sound like you plan on gigging at all at the moment, but if you do just mic it up. It doesn't have an effects loop, so that is a bit of a bummer.

Good luck.
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