Ok, the "lead guitar", which sounds like Bb - A - G# over and over isn't very pretty. It could use some variation, some attack. This is freakin' dark metal, mah man! Tear it up! More gain! More variation! More cowbell! (not really cowbell, but...) Think "What would a badass do?" and do that!

Seriously, it just needs some extra oomph.

Keep in mind, in the spectrum of music, with dark metal on one side, I'm pretty far on the other freakin' side, so take that was you will. Let me know when the rest of the song is done. (I'm not even ReALLY sure what "dark" metal is.)

C4C on something totally different?
    i like it man itd be cool if it went and like turned into a slow rhythmic breakdown, or the lower riff was harmonized that would be badass but i like it how it is, i could kinda see katakylsm playin something like that.