Okay, so i noticed a problem whilst i was practicing earlier.

I've had a guitar for about 12 years, but i only actually started taking proper note of my technique and taking it seriously since about Jan.....

I noticed that whilst playing standing up i had bad wrist cramps. I checked out the forums and decided i held my guitar too low, even though it was only at my waist. I kept lifting it and lifting it and the pain only went away when the guitar strap was virtually as short as it would go.

Now, i'm not vain or anything, but I look a bit geeky holding my guitar under my chin. So i decided to look at it, after a while of playing the following A Minor scale in triplets:



At first i thought it was the stretching that caused my feeling uncomfortable, but after thinking i couldn't be the only person on the planet who HAD to play that high to play without pain i noticed I was keeping my thumb in the same position throughout. Consequently, after making sure i moved my thumb with my index finger I have noticed more speed, fluidity and accuracy....and no more wrist pains or hand cramps.

I know there are a lot of articles pertaining to speed on this website, but noone's mentioned the thumb. I do realise it's probably a beginners suggestion, but i thought i would post this, just incase anyone had the same problems. If you do, make sure you look at your thumbs position so you can cross it off your list. It might just make you a slightly better, faster player too.
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