That was a pretty awesome instrumental there. And no worries about such a late response, it's okay. Better late than never, right?

Anyway, I loved every bit of that song...though a few of the bends sounded a little weird to me, but it's probably just me. The clean section, and the piano section later on were my favorites, and the drumming all the way through was awesome. Very solid piece of work here.
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That was possibly the weirdest piece of music I have ever heard. But I loved every bar of it. Well done.
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This was a good piece of work...

The first part of the intro seemed pretty vacant to me but it was probably just the midi screwing things up again.

Great lead work it went well over the riffs. And the 2 rhythm guitars compliment each other quite well. The best part about this piece was the paino part, even tho it just played a variation of the guitar riff it still added so much depth to the song.