Hi guys im looking for a new guitar and have set myself a budget of 400 pounds i play thrash metal like metallica ect i currently have a dean ML XM and a spider 3 75watt amp by the way i rely like v shape guitars
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Jackson RR3.

+1, jackson is the best metal guitar manufacturer, id stay clear of dean
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he said new amp as spiders suck, but if its just in your room no worries..
the rr3 is a surefire bet on the best for that money, you could also look at an alexi guitar..it may not be great at £400, but you can probably pick up an LTD model you will like take a look at www.gak.co.uk
well i personally love my spider although i have not gigged with it is there any explorer shape guitars you would recormend
like i said the LTD range..ex50/100/400 those are ok..the 400 range is the better though..
dont gig with the spider tho...buy a nicer amp...trust