I play a large variety of styles so I would like an amp that is versitile.

I kinda forgot the price but, I was interested by the line 6 flextone (don't worry not a spider) and I was wondering if that is a good choice.

Also any suggestions on a good amp for $500-$600?
I thought the flextone II that I played was a very good amp. Not sure about how it held up at high volumes though, I couldn't crank it where I tried it. Very versatile amp. For that kind of cash though you can possible score something better used. Are you near a decent craigslist city? It's always worth a check.
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if by versatile you mean built in effects, the flextone is the way to go. for a variety of good 'ole natural guitar tones, you should check out a mesa f-30. i friggin' love my amp.

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