Hey. I'm really sorry that I posted without reading the rules to this forum last time. I had a little too long title I'm afraid. I also mentioned that I hoped noone would steal the lyrics from me. I understand that I said it in a a rude way. I'm very sorry. I mean it... I AM sorry. But I hope you can forgive me.

So here I try again...

This is one of my latest lyrics. Just wanted to know what you think...

"The cold and gray hour before dawn
The ancestors spirits are crying on
Give me a kingdom where the sun never set
Give me the world. Give me a hope.
Give me a sign, darlin'. Give me a life.
Freedom through pain. It's hard to explain.

Behind the massive wall.
Beneath the heavy rock.
Bloody bodies and tearful eyes.
Why don't you let'em free.
This is what will be.
If you do not - Let'em Free.
Let'em Free. Let'em Free, darlin'.
Let'em Free.

Shall this painful day never end.
I have forgotten all that you said.
Blood in my face, darlin'. An endless hell.
Give me freedom. Give me a bell.
So that the tollin' can bring me home.
Will I make it through. Oh yeah I'm coming for you.


Light will shine between the clouds.
Children will laugh again and everyone is proud.
We shall lift our voices and sing so free.
He'll give us peace and freindship - let it be.
But not untill you...

Let'em Free. Let'em Free. Let'em Free darlin'. Let'em Free. x2"

And that's it. So what do you think?