I am having a problem with my brand new crate v18 212. It has a gain and tone knob. However with the gain at 0 and the volume turned to 10(full blast) it is not very loud. I can barely hear it . However when i turn the gain up the slightest bit the amp get really loud. Is there something wrong with my amp? If there isn't, then this is a stupid question. I have a peavey classic 50 that i usually use, and it gets very loud with the gain not turned on at all. Any help will be appreciated! Thank you.
its like that on a lot of amps, your just gonna need a bit of gain. keep in mind for the next thread about amps or anything, put it in the gear & accessories forum

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i don't think that's a problem. just set the gain at 1 or 2... or lower the master volume.
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