It does look nice. but, have you tried it yet?
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The bass SHOULD cover the bottom end at the very least.

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thats the only problem, i could probably ask my local guitar shop to order it, but if i don't like it then i still probably have to pay for it
I wouldnt go with a Rogue. Its gonna be crappier then your P. My friend has a rogue and he hates it. You should try to play one before you buy it

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What's your price range?

That Rogue wouldn't be an improvement at all over your starter p-bass.
well right now i only have like $150,

i plan to sell my P-Bass for maybe about $60-$70,
and also sell my Epiphone SG for around $280-$310

so around the amount i'd have then
You probably want to wait till you have the money you need, then go to your local guitar shop and play -everything- in that price range. Find something you love, then get it cheap online. :P
in my entire area i only found 2 5-strings and they were nice but not great, not to mention i cant remember the price, but im pretty sure it was out of my range
Check your local Craigslist for a used Fender Jazz. Or try eBay.
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Try and get either like a peavey grind, some ibanez (the ATK sounds awesome) or a tobias toby pro or something, they're all usually pretty cheap and good basses for the money.
I'd buy a cheap Yamaha or Peavey which would be a million times better than that and for about the same price.
You can't comment on gear until you have tried it!