It had started talking a while ago, about the time when winter had started and she was being used more often. Sometimes it was good to have someone to talk to but the heater didn't really give the best advise. Could you learn a lot 'bout life spending half of it in a cardboard box and the other half in no more than one room? >ohboy.<, it said. >stopfeeling sorryforyourself<

She felt like in one of those strange films that were always supposed to be so good but where nothing ever happened -and if anything did happen nobody knew why.
As she was on the verge of starting to do her french homework, she unfortunately cut her wrist on the paper and started to bleed to death. >Wheneveryou thinkitsda endofthe worldre memberitsalready tomorrowinaustralia<, her heating chanted. >By the way. My name is Elta.< Tisiphone was rolling on the floor. "This is ridiculous", she thought. "But then, what isn't?"
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As she was on the verge of starting to do her french homework, she unfortunately cut her wrist on the paper and started to bleed to death.

I knew homework was dangerous !

This line ruined it for me, it just struck a pathetic logic that paper could make someone bleed to death.

I enjoyed some other ideas though.

I keep coming back to this, just to read

"Whenever you think it's the end of the world, remember, it's already tomorrow in Australia."
""This is ridiculous", she thought. "But then, what isn't?""

I have to agree, this is a very nice piece. The line of time ahead in australia does not come of as awkrward at all and the I found the entire writting in general flowed beautifully. The formating came off as odd for me at the start but I feel it really bring character into the work. The combineing of words in the speech section made the heater more REAL.

Excellent overall.

I found it interesting that you made the dying character's name Tisiphone, that's a nice little touch assuming people get the reference. Nothing beats a nice stiff drink of irony.
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haha You pwned an entire website....i bow down...

ok j-having thought about all o this long enough: To me the french fries and "mayonaise" are a symbol for ...well...sort of vain endeavor or something. or no, wait: society!!
first of all: since you're so strange about the way you spelled the word (french spelling?) I thought it might be a hint to some strange game or meaning you've hidden behind those two things and the bike (bike comes from a french word too!)... anyway you can make a connection between society and Société anonyme ( a french word) and the anonyme is that "she" hasn't got a name in the first part and all together it's a link to the financial crisis you metion later on!!
..no ok honestly I have no idea (though to me there's a big story behind the whole french fries thing... the paper bag...can't be all for nothing) you're probably just trying to confuse me. but nice altogether.just the sound of it (btw any private real-life-experiences in that text? that stinky girlfriend of yours?)... good work. proud of you. ha.ha. merry xmas