great price and yes those whammy bars are easily found.... an if you cant find one pm me and i'll send you one
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yeah its a pretty descent deal there. not bad for a seven string
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yeah....doesn't seem like it could be a bad deal... and you can get a wammy bar for like...8 bucks
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I've played the GIO and it's the lower end of Ibanez's. However, they still sound good and that's not a bad price. See if you can try one out somewhere first though, so you can get a feel whether it's the guitar for you.
nice price (comin from the owner of 3 ibanez 7s) play it and complain about the action needing set and the missing whammy bar and offer 150
you wont want a whammy bar tho..its not locking..and will go out of tune badly...