Which do you think is better?

I went to two different places (Sam Ash and my local music store) and asked about amps, I have an Epi Les Paul standard with EMG 81/85's and I play metal and punk mostly, these are the 2 amps in my price range that I was recomended, and I will be gigging with them!



What do you think, and dont worry about the effects on either I have pedals for that
valveking....mg is a box of bees!
also pedals...what pedals we talking..tube amps + cheap digital modellers sound bad
where as the mg sounds rough as is :P
Valveking. MG=Flaming tonal Crap.
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dont go with the mg!!
and the valve king isnt as awesome as some people on these forums make you believe try this http://guitars.musiciansfriend.com/product/B52-60Watt-1x12-Tube-Combo?sku=480046

I actually second that.

Also, maybe a Randall RG50?

The MG is not total crap. The models past 30 watts are. 30 and under is perfectly fine, for practice.

But its between the RG50 and the B52. Some people think the Valveking is a little tinny; I'm one of them

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