Hey, heres just a quick video of me playing Catching the Light - Antoine Dufour. A little constructive critisism would be greatly appreciated. The harmonics arent the best, if anyone knows how to get them louder Id love to hear how.

Catching the Light - Antoine Dufour
No one ever crits antoine stuff! so I'm gonna crit you I absolutely LOVE this song.

There are a few tiny little mistakes, but, with antoine stuff, that's pretty much a given. Once you practice it more and more it will become more fluid.

The harmonics sound pretty good to me. Hardly any of them are dead. I love the tapping part. Such a great song.

Pretty much, practice makes perfect. Overall it's great. There are hardly any mistakes at all. I was actually impressed One of the best Antoine covers I have seen.

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A lot of pros do that: if they play a wrong note, they'll hit it again to make it look as if it's intentional. It's called "jazz", aparently.