Can you guys reccomend me some guitars in around the £350 range that would be good for an intermediate player who plays rock and metal?
Washburn X50 Pro
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Washburn X50 Pro
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PRS SE custom is a good budget guitar. or try and find a used ibanez
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Tough one. There's a huge range of very nice guitars in that price group so you really need to know what style you prefer. Maybe an Epiphone SG g400 custom? Or for a more Strat type of look, I like the Cort X11. Either of these will give you enough change for a pedal or two. Then there's lots of odd shapes for the real metal heads. If I'm looking, my first stop is Thomann (www.thomann.de) as I've had excellent service from them in the past and they carry all the major brands.
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Washburn X50 Pro

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