About the Ibanez Mick Thompson signature guitar. It has a Fixed Edge III bridge which is factory tuned to drop B. Is it possible to tune to say dropped A or Bb. Because its fixed, would it work with just loosening the locking head and fastening it afterwards. Or does the whole fixed trem need to be adjusted? It's probably a beginner question, but I couldn't find a straight answer anywhere.

I was actually planning to buy a seven string to play slipknot and use the AEADGBE (or similar) tuning after listening to a few songs. But after reading most of the songs are actually dropped B, I thought this kin of guitar might be a better choice to swap between drop A and B?

EDIT: or should i just stop worrying, buy either of em, and to swap between the tunings just use the Digitech Whammy pedal to lover it a tone (and lose the other capabilities of the pedal) Don't think this is the best idea, just came up with it.
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oh yes if mick can you can

i know its possible, but will it be easy, or would the bridge need adjustment (becasue it is still a tremelo bride, however fixed) ?
check to see if it has springs on the back, if it does youll need set up, if it doesny just unlcok te bridge and nut and tune,
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nah dude as long as ure string gauge is good and high so u dont get frett buzz all u gotta do is unlock the nut clamp things and tune down. if its fixed its not gonna effect anything.
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don't know how it looks in detail, i'm still planning to get it and this might be a deciding factor. But seeing as it says fixed trem bridge, I originally assumed it would be possible to tune without adjusting, then become uncertain and wanted to check.
It's fixed
so it's not floating so you tune it like a normal fixed bridge
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That's what i also thought at first, Thanks