As much as I enjoyed this guitar when I bought it, it has seen little use in quite some time now, due to problems with the trem system. The trem itself works fine, but the headstock bolts to lock the strings in tune are extremely difficult to screw in now, and won't even lock the strings down very well. My theory is that all the headstock pieces need to be replaced because they keep eating new bolts alive that I've tried to screw in to lock the strings down. Unfortunately, no one local seems to carry these parts for sale, and I'm not about to wait 2-3 months to get something directly sent from Jackson (They took that long last time I had to order a part).

I'm having a buddy of my vocalist check it out soon, and I'm pretty sure he has the parts to fix it. But the question remains. Is the $#!+ty trem system going to continue to quickly wear parts out and plague me with tuning problems? Should I sell the guitar when it's fixed and upgrade to something with a real floyd rose? or am I gonna need to get ahold of spare parts to deal with such problems that may come up again?

My main priorities lie in a new amp, cab, and noise gate right now, but this is another gear dilemma I've been dealing with for a while too. I was thinking if I did sell it, I'd look into a higher end Jackson, or maybe an ESP of some sort. But I'd like to hear all opinions on this matter. Thanks for any input
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