It really doesn't matter.
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doesnt really matter, they all kinda sound different, but i like the sound of my DRs with them
does not matter. however if your playing metal and using a lot of drop tunings you should get some strings that are like .12-.52 at least. (im assuming you play metal because you use emgs. and your name is metallicow.)

edit: try some ernie ball power slinkys or beefy slinkys
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Stupid questions get stupid answers. If you're asking which strings to buy, I'm assuming you don't know what you're doing, as it's individual preference.

Electric guitar strings is the only answer with the information you provided, unless you play a bass, then you should get bass strings
ernie ball super light banjo strings ftw
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i was asking other ppl's opinions. bcuz i want to try a new set and i just want to kno what other ppl recomened