Hey guys, I'm thinking about getting a tattoo:

This was my original concept, a black and white outline of a sparrow like the attached image, with this text incorporated somehow:


Should I stick to black and white or should i design a sparrow that's full colour?
Also, I want to get this on my forearm... is this a good idea? And how should I incorporate the text?

Here's the picture:

If you're wondering, the co-ordinates lead to Banff, Alberta, Canada, where I moved to last year before having to come back to where I am now. It's the most beautiful place in the world and I'm just waiting out and going through the motins until I can return. The sparrow represents "coming home" and was a traditional sailor tattoo. Seeing a sparrow at sea meant you were close to land. It's cliched and I know alot of people have them, but I think it's just too perfect for what I'm looking for.
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oh canada!!!
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i like it
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big body mod thread
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i want a dragon ejaculating fire
but my gf wont let me have it done, therefore i refuse to participate in a thread about tattooos...


oh go on then
designs ok, but bit plain and cliched
cant think of owt else tho
I wouldn't advise getting Banff's coordinates inked into your skin, but hey, that's me.
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I'm not sure on the text, but depending on your career status. Usually tatoos shouldnt be anywhere lower then above the elbow.
For text, maybe incorpate the numbers into the body somehow.
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Id make sure that you're 100% postive that you'll be returning there before getting it.
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What the fuck, seeing (almost) any bird at sea means you're close to land. Anyway, cool design, dunno how to incorporate the coordinates. Or leave them out 'cause its a lame idea.
why banff?
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Any suggestions?
Even if I don't return that's not really the idea... it's lame and hard to explain, but moving there was the most important thing I've ever done, and it's 'home' for me now, whether I'll physically ever be there or not, if that makes sense.
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don't get white, stick to a black outline only
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more like BanfFAIL!!!mwaahaha anywayz come on tatooes are supposed to be cool..
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don't get white, stick to a black outline only

I disagree...white ink in tattoos look AWESOME
try to find a way to make it stand out a little. you already said it's kinda cliched, which means you gotta spice it up so you can call it your own. nobody want's a "cookie cutter" tattoo, so do what you can to make it something that will not only be a symbol, but a piece of art you're proud host.
It looks like a peace dove to me, but that's my opinion. Go with what you like dude. If it's on your forearm there is no hiding it, unless of course you have on long sleeves... Make sure that you've researched the reason for this. A tattoo tells a story. Usually an event that's taken place in your life that you consider significant. You will be asked to explain it later. Much later. I have a Jolly Rodger Flag tat on my left (port) arm. I got this just before I crossed the Atlantic for the first time. I now work in some of the most piracy prone areas in the world. I'm a sailor so tats carry a heavy meaning for me.
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coordiantes on top wing
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Get a Maple Leaf tattooed on your forehead.

That's quite possibly the greatest idea for a tattoo ever. You could be like Snake in MGS3
I'd streamline the head on the sparrow a bit, it's a little too bulbous in my opinion (looks more like a mourning dove). You should do the coordinates along the inside arches of the wings.
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