I got a boss br-900cd a while ago and have been messing around with it and getting used to it. But for the life of me and cant seem to get a good sound for melo death kinda stuff.
I have some stuff i want to record, can anybody who has one tell settings they use to get a good sound for death metal, and metal in general, thanks.
i've owned a 900 for about 2 years now so i have a couple of useful tips

1) for a better metal / heavier sound make sure you record 2 different rhythm takes on 2 mono tracks that are paired (1 and 2, 5 and 6). then pan one to complete left and one to complete right. its suprising the the driving rhythm than you can achieve from this.

2) i prefer to use a light metal tone with less of a high end. Use the method above to get a nice distorted rhythm with more high end than low end, then use the bass simulator or a real bass to back up that rhythm. i find that that getting this technique spot on is better than using some of the preset metal tones that have a bassier sound to them.

3) Live mix, dance mix and dance comp give the best metal results when mastering. They reduce mids and add emphasis on high and low.
Thanks for the reply, i already do the things you say in 1) & 3).
but in relation to 2) do you have any idea what settings use in the 4bandEq?

Is it possible to get a tone not dissimilar to spawn of possesion with it?
well just listening to some of their tones id say the low is about normal and the treble is boosted a bit. id say the mids are taken out just a slight bit but not a lot.

im saying that as just a rough idea, ill try some new tones later though and see what i can get