Ok, i have a 1972 Hondo Guitar, it's an old Gibson knock off company, and this guitar is sexy, it's black, that's most of what i know about it. in the 70's, Ibanez was sued for making the "Ibanez Super-70" which was basically a carbon copy of a Gibson Custom, well i got those pickups and paid this guy to put them in. it sounds AMAZING! best guitar i've ever owned, hands down, here's my question; what do you know about hondo? where did these guitars come from?

Japanese made, very collectible. I'm rebuilding an old Hondo strat, but the thing is plywood. Hopefully you're more lucky!
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invader jim is the expert on hondos, he has restored a few, check out his profile and the hondo restoration thread
^ are you sure its honder?

i know he has a hofner guitar

then again, i could be completely wrong
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oh yeah its hofner... i fail

He may have a honder on his profile
*goes off to jims profile "its gotta be here somewhere"*
they had one at the guitar shop near here, it was a strat style with five single coils on it, pretty neat.
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