I was at Guitar Center the other day messing around while my singer was trying out some different equipment and for whatever reason I picked up this white RG120 that was sitting there plugged in. I was shocked to find that it had one of the nicest feeling necks I've ever felt (especially considering the price tag on it was about $150 new). I knew it must be a fluke so I picked up the same guitar that was next to it only in red and that one felt like a $150 guitar, as it probably should.

They were both new, same model, same price, same everything except color. It was a perfect example of why I never purchase a guitar without first playing the actual one I'm going to be buying (the one time I bought a guitar online was because it was out of production and impossible to find). We're talking two guitars that were possibly right next to each other on the assembly line and they just felt completely different. I actually considered blowing the $150 just to Frankenstein it for that amazing feeling neck. Just wanted to share the experience with anyone who's considering making a pricey purchase online without checking it out in person first if possible.
i almost bought an mg, but luckily i tried it again without a $2000 guitar.
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Heh, Wizard Neck's being comfy... [/BiasedAgainstThinNecks]

Aye, for a while I was planning to get a Highway One strat. Then I tried it. It was decent, but the tone was...sterile. Same with American Standards. I liked the MIM's though, despite their being the cheapest Fenders. I do intend to drop a set of Custom Shop 69' pickups into it, but otherwise I love it, and stock I liked it more than a lot of higher-end Fenders.

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I had this happen to me as well. I was looking at Ibanez SA120s and I tried it out about four or so different times at different shops and each one felt different. I'd never buy a guitar online after experiencing that ... except maybe a silverburst agile LP, just because I love the look of those guitars (Silverburst LPs) so much that the 400 would be worth it for a show piece.
Thats what i hate about Guitar Center.

I was there for about 3 hours playing this used PRS Se Santana model with Dimarzios (Dsonic and Air Norton) in a Line 6 Spider Valve (Which can really only get a good lead tone)

300 bucks for the PRS, and it was one of the smoothest guitars ive ever played, the neck was so comfy and it was a painted neck, and i usually hate those.

A clerk came by and said "If you like THAT, you gotta play THIS!"

and handed me a 3 grand PRS McCarty.

The strings were so rusted, and the fretboard was so dry it looked dry clay.

I know it would be hard to do, but atleast set up and take care of the expensive guitars in their stock .

Also played a Jem7W that was missing its locking nuts and the trem was sunk in the guitar, and it was in drop d....
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Also played a Jem7W that was missing its locking nuts and the trem was sunk in the guitar, and it was in drop d....

Probably some little kid's doing, who never heard of steve vai but just wanted to try out a nice-looking expensive guitar.