Okay, I was wondering if a chorus pedal (in this case just the cheap Dano one I mentioned), will work well with a distortion pedal (Boss OS-2) to give me a fatter or fuller tone?

I play through a Hartke 120w SS Bass amp which has pretty good cleans and works well with my pedal for dirty stuff and the cleans on it sounded great when trying out one of my friends Dano Chorus pedals, but my distortion pedal wasn't availible at the time so I didn't get to see if the pedal worked okay with distortion over it.

tl;dr, will a Danelectro Chorus pedal fatten/make my distorted tone fuller?
Plus, if this kind of pedal wouldn't, would a reverb pedal help my tone sound fuller?
i don think a chorus pedal would do that but a compressor pedal will or atleast it works for me
I'm kind of in a similar situation. I don't like how a chorus affects a distorted tone, but now that I'm working in a 3-piece thrash/prog metal band, I need to find ways of making us sound fuller outside of the studio. Currently the bassist is running distortion with his bass but it's not enough I think. Would a Flanger or a delay or what make a difference? I currently just use distortion with a bit of reverb and a compressor.
I didn't think of getting a compresser pedal, I thought that made your sound thinner, not fatter. Also, what about the Holy Grail reverb pedal? I've heard thats good.