So i have my ibanez 7 string RG1527.

I was tuning it down to E flat and when i tighten the locks i noticed the tremolo bar was sitting to far inside the body as if it was dropped.

I cant get the tremolo to sit parallel to the body. It sits to deep inside and the strings hit the bridge pick up causing to mute the frets.

What is wrong? Is there something wrong with the tremolo bar that i can do to fix? Thanks in advance.
If you detuned the guitar then you'll need to loosen the springs in the tremolo cavity...of course you'll then have to re-tune, then adjust the springs again, then re-tune again etc etc until you have the desired tuning and a level bridge, but that's why people always say not to bother changing tunings on a Floyd, because it's a ballache.
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Still, a semitone shouldn't make all that much difference, unless this is some crazy seven string I've never heard of. Is the tuning you're talking about what is commonly known as half step? If so I would see how the trem sits when the guitar's in standard. If it's still stuck in the body a bit do what steven said and adjust until it's level in standard. You should then have enough leeway for a semitone or two tuning change.